Wu Shini – The spectacle

Opening: 18-08-2016 at 17:00
Exhibition period: 19-08 till 28-08-2016
Open: Every Friday, Saturdag an Sunday, 12:00- 17:00

After a month living and working in Enschede, Wu Shini will end her period in Enschede with an exhibition at XPO. During her stay Wu Shini created new series of works.

Wu Shini about her work:
– The spectacle –
In the face of the rapid development of the process of modernization and globalization,”the society of the spectacle “always deprive our perception ability.The lack of belief and the collapse of the spiritual civilization make we feel lost.The existence of the ruins is the status of our spirit.

Wu Shini is part of an exchange program between Dalian (China) and Enschede. Dalian and Enschede are twin cities and have a rich exchange on corporate, economic and cultural fields. She was invited by the Dalian Zhongshan museum to be part of the residency program in 2016 at Enschede at the studio of ARE (Artist Residencies Enschede).


Patrick Jonkman – Ghosts in possible space, trash chic and no star

The exhibition Ghosts in possible space, trash chic and no star consist of three recent series (2016) of pictures showing a slightly distorted reality.
Patrick Jonkman shows in these works street-photography through a head full of 1970’s nostalgia. Freshly graduated from the ‘Fotovakschool’ (Photographic Design, Apeldoorn) he is imagining his constant surprise with the world by using simple collages in which space plays a major role.
Opening: June 24th, 17:00
Open daily (June 24th until July 3rd) from 14:00 – 17:00. After July 3rd on Fridays (14:00-17:00) or by appointment.
Ghosts in possible space, trash chic and no star bestaat uit drie recente series (2016),
die samen een blik op de verschoven werkelijkheid geven.
In deze expositie toont Patrick Jonkman hoe straatfotografie er uitziet in een hoofd vol jaren 70 nostalgie.Vers afgestudeerd aan de Fotovakschool in Apeldoorn (Photographic design, HBO-deeltijd), verbeeldt hij zijn verbazing in eenvoudige collages, waarin ruimtelijkheid een belangrijke rol speelt.
Opening van de expositie op 24 Juni om 17:00
Openingstijden: in de AKI-eindpresentatie week (24 juni tm 3 juli) alle middagen open van 14:00 tm 17:00. Daarna op vrijdag geopend van 14:00 tot 17:00 of op afspraak.


‘Licht’ – Tomoko Hasuwa

Tomoko (Tokio Japan) has living and working at ARE (Artist Residencies Enschede) for several weeks. She ends her period as an artist in residence with the exhibition ‘Licht’ at XPO.

Opening: 08-06-2016 19:00
Period: 08-06-2016 till 19-06-2016
Open at: Fri./ Sat./ Sun. 12:00-17:00



In search of Identity (op zoek naar identiteit) – Hanan Klei

Opening: Thursday, 15th of April 2016 at 5 p.m.
Period: 16th of April– 1st of May 2016
Friday-Sunday 12:00-17:00
Location: Project-space XPO, Stroinksbleekweg 2 te Enschede, the Netherlands.

This exhibition takes place after the visit of Hanan at Dalian China September 2015. Due to an artist exchange between Enschede and Dalian she lived and worked at the Zhongshan Artmuseum for seven weeks and concluded her stay with a solo exhibition at the museum. The exhibition ‘Op zoek naar identiteit’ at XPO will show the artworks Hanan created during this residency period.

In search of images she wanted tot use for her paintings, she got lost in technical problems. In ‘Op zoek naar identiteit’ Hanan focussed on the black and whites, that reminded her of Chinese ink. During her stay she explored her own identity while staying in a different place. In search of singularity Hanan met young people and painted Chinese women masked by their ideal conception of beauty.

Hanan Klein lives and works in Enschede (the Netherlands). She studied at AKI (ArtEZ) (painting).

More information see link artist.

Opening: Donderdag, 15 april 2016 om 17:00.
Periode: 16 april – 01 mei 2016
Vrijdag t/m zondag 12:00-17:00.
Locatie: Project-space XPO, Stroinksbleekweg 2 te Enschede.

De tentoonstelling met werken van Hanan Klei is ontstaan in het kader van de culturele uitwisseling tussen ARE (Artist Residencies Enschede) en het Zhongshan museum te Dalian in China.
Hanan kreeg in 2015 de mogelijkheid om als kunstenaar en daarmee als cultureel vertegenwoordigster van Enschede naar China te gaan. Zeven weken lang heeft ze in het Zhongshan museum te Dalian gewoond en gewerkt. Deze periode heeft Hanan afgesloten met een solo tentoonstelling in het Zhongshan Artmuseum.

Tijdens de tentoonstelling ‘Op zoek naar identiteit’ toont Hanan Klei werken die ze, gedurende haar uitwisselingsperiode heeft gemaakt.

In haar zoektocht naar beelden die Hanan Klei zou willen gebruiken voor haar schilderijen raakte ze verdwaald in technische problemen. In “Op zoek naar identiteit” heeft Hanan zich gefocust op het zwart-wit beeld dat doet denken aan Chinese inkt. Tijdens haar verblijf deed ze onderzoek naar haar eigen identiteit op een andere plek. Op zoek naar eigenheid ontmoette ze jongeren en schilderde Hanan Chinese vrouwen gemaskerd voor hun schoonheidsideaal.

Hanan Klei Woont en werkt in Enschede en is afgestudeerd aan de AKI (ArtEZ) (afdeling Schilderen).

Voor meer informatie zie link kunstenaar.

Sooner than Expected

Exhibition by ARE (Artist Residencies Enschede) guest Danny Bracken at the new project space XPO, Enschede.
The opening will be at Thursday 17 March at 17:00.
XPO – stroinksbleekweg 2, Enschede

Sooner than Expected

“…how often the future has shown up sooner than expected with bad news about our past.”

-Wendell Berry from The Way of Ignorance

For his first European exhibition, Pittsburgh (US) based artist Danny Bracken explores the ways in which technology has shifted how we perceive and experience the people and places that surround us. Incorporating video, light, and printed material, Bracken investigates the role of the physical in our increasingly digital existence.

Using the economic and geographic landscape of Enschede as a starting point, Bracken looks at the many factors that have helped shape the city and the stories it tells. From the creation of the Twentekanaal to the rise and fall of the textile industry, the economic drivers of the region have dramatically reshaped the area’s physical makeup. Looking at these historic events as source material, Bracken explores how technology has changed our understanding and interpretation of the past and the future.

Bracken is a current artist in residence at ARE Holland. Has been artist in residence at Laboratory Spokane (US), La Fragua (ES), The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh (US), and The Mattress Factory (US). His work has been included in numerous exhibitions in the US, including the 2014 Pittsburgh Biennial. After years as a touring musician, he now frequently composes music for film and television.

Opening exhibition Cheng Liang and Han Xi

After a month living and working in Enschede, Cheng Liang and Han Xi will end their period in Enschede with an exhibition. During their stay they created new series of works. Cheng Liang will present a series of paintings inspired by the surroundings and city of Enschede. Han Xi will show some paintings in his typical blue colour as well as conceptual art. They will show their works at XPO, a new exhibition space at Roombeek Enschede in association with Edwin Dertien.

The opening will take place Thursday 13 August 2015 at 16:00, with at 17:00 an official opening by Jeroen Hatenboer.

Cheng Liang and Han Xi are part of an exchange program between Dalian (China) and Enschede. Dalian and Enschede are sister cities.
The exhibition is open until the 23th of August (closed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday). Opening times are from 11:00 – 17:00.