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Concert in KOJE, Emsdetten - see Emsdetter Zeitung <21-05-2011>
CD Presentation in Media Art Cafe Berlijn, October 16th 2009! <19-08-2008>
Old records online on youtube now... please add more if you have any footage of us! <19-08-2008>
CD is ready! The first "one"'s will be available at DettenRockt! <23-08-2008>
Sundive played on preliminary rounds of 'Oogst van Overijssel'.
Kaploing was honoured as musician of the evening!<12-05-2008>
New Gig! Sundive is scheduled on 'zoutpop', May 12th in Boekelo! <08-04-2008>
Sundive on Myspace ! Whatch our page, let's become friends! <25-02-2008>
The first CD of Sundive is ready to go to press! Watch the site for the official release date!<25-02-2008>
due to personal circumstances our performance at the IJsselpop festival of 15-09 has been cancelled.<14-09-2007>
Sundive has won the final rounds for the IJsselpop festival!<08-06-2007>
Sundive has won a preliminary round of IJsselpop! <11-05-2007>
Rumours are spreading: Sundive is rehearsing again!
And the Perfectly Nonobstrusive Small Demo CD will be released any minute now... <30-03-2007>
Live recordings (short fragments) of the gig at the 'Lambooijhuis' added <12-09-2006>
Rehearsal recordings removed after serious complaints <12-09-2006>
Rehearsal recordings added to recordings section <13-02-2006>
Demo tracks added to recordings section <18-01-2006>

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