Commissioned by Cross-TIC, a theatre production is set up with a ‘living’ tiny house as set, stage and character. This house will walk on robotic chicken legs (think Baba Yaga‘s hut meets an AT-ST) and will be on the run for the incoming tide.

A prototype (1:10 scale) of the house has been shown at an exhibition at B93 for the ARE residency project of Monika Reut. The goal is to develop this house as living, moving technology – and develop narrative, stories, pop-up performances and a (non-linear) theatre concept, also as Cross-TIC open call. Climate, community and artificial intelligence are the major themes for the story. Also during the artistic process AI will be explored as development tool.

Currently, the house is under development. One of the main goals of the cross-TIC call is to develop interesting (new) formats for audience engagement and interaction, beyond being a ‘spectator’ at a linear performance. More info for the call in this pdf.

This was a first version at GogBot 2014 – a very succesful autonomous robot: It got around by social engineering rather than clever AI. Every time the house would hit a curb, people would jump from their terrace seats and give the house a push..

living house ‘lumi’ (the climate nomads)
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