University of Twente

I have been a (part time) lecturer and researcher at University of Twente since 2008. I teach courses on Physical Computing, Sensors, Tinkering, Design and (Social) Robotics.

Since the covid-19 pandemic most of my teaching is online, I try to make fun and engaging video lectures, recorded in my workshop:

Video lecture in a series on Physical Computing (2020)
Workshop organized for (and with) students to build Light Sabres (2015)


In 2014 until 2016 I was organiser and co-host of a Fablab especially for children in the Roombeek area in Enschede. On Wednesday afternoons we hosted introduction workshops and lessons in 2D and 3D design aimed at children of 9-12 years old, using the laser cutter and 3D printer, designing T-shirts, solar-powered boats, etc. For both the participants and us as hosts/teachers a very rewarding and instructive period.

Kids drawing in Inkscape, laser cut wood, a copy of Make Magazine, next to a K8200 3D printer and the foil-cutter station. Yes. This is serious FabLab! (2014)
‘petflesboot’ (PET bottle solar-boat), KinderFabLab, Het Roombeek (2014)
FlatPack Walkers: walking robot kits following our own design (2014)

LEGO Serious Play

In 2014 I participated in the course for LEGO Serious Play facilitator hosted at COCD in Antwerp, thaught by Per Kristiansen, one of the developers of the method. I have hosted  a number of fun and successful workshops since, for example in the DesignLab or at my studio.

SeriousPlay workshop hosted in DesignLab (2015)

(Animatronics) workshops

One of the downsides of many STEM workshops is that hardware (electronics) is expensive, so a ‘build and take home’ workshop usually comes with a price-tag. In order to be able to design something and animate it, but without these costs, I developed an animatronic control box using a number of servos and a button panel, allowing participants to build something from cheap materials (cardboard) and make it come to life. Afterwards, the cardboard creation and fun videos are taken home, but the electronics are reclaimed and re-used. This approach works well, the workshop has been done at many festivals and events such as Night of the Nerds, Eureka, GogBot, Discovery Festival,Nacht van de Wetenschap’, MediaFestival Hoofddorp and many others. It is also subject/example case in the MSc course ‘Mastering Tinkering’.

Students at ‘Night of the Nerds’ animating their own ‘ATAT’ design (2017)
Ready to take on those blasted rebel troops. This Cardboard ATAT was built and animated in (just) under 2 hours at ‘Night of the Nerds’, Eindhoven (2017)