For the movie ‘De Bellinga’s – Vakantie op Stelten’ I have been designing and puppeteering robot ‘Luca’ on set. Luca is a 7th family member, looking after their home while the family is on holiday. On set, the robot interacts most with the family’s neighbour: Buuf Bets (Hetty Heiting).

The robot has been built on relatively short notice (three weeks) so some rapid design choices had to be made regarding outer casing and degrees of freedom. The casing is largely based on objects available at a well-known swedish furniture store. The robot has a two-wheeled driven base, two arms with each 4DOF (the grippers do not work), a 2DOF neck, animated eyes and control over a recording light (LED rings) and obligatory red recording light next to a (faux) camera on the body (which fits amazingly well in the Kugis’ available hole)

controlling the robot at the red(pink) carpet

robot Luca (de Bellinga’s)
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