Robot Dahlia on the set of ‘Homunculus – Oh My God’ (2021)

A very intensive but also satisfying collaboration (again) with Remie Bakker (Manimalworks) finished last summer, this time for Sevdaliza’s incarnation ‘Raving Dahlia’. She appears for the first time in the videoclip ‘homunculus – oh my god’ (around the 4.00 minute mark) and is co-star in the videoclip ‘everything is everything’. The robot’s exterior design, molding, casting and painting have been done by Remie, my contribution was all the structural work, animatronics, software and puppeteering on set. Excellent experience (and bold choice to work with a real robot instead of CGI).

Robot Dahlia in action on the set of ‘Everything is Everything’ (2021)

Homunculus – Oh My God, Sevdaliza (2021)
Everything is Everything, Sevdaliza (2022)
Dahlia on the set of ‘Everything is Everything’ (2021)

raving dahlia
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