Sonnevanck theatre is developing a play in which robot Ravi is one of the stars. Ravi is going to be controlled by a challenging mix of live control input, pre-recorded sequences and autonomous behaviour. More information on Sonnevanck’s website. The development of Ravi is part of the activities of the Robot Theatre Lab.

Enschede – De Ingenieur. Fotoreportage over Edwi Dertien en Ravi de Robot. Theatervoorstelling. Foto: Rikkert Harink

Ravi also took a trip by train to a KIVI conference in The Hague,

Ravi asking the way on the station

Early version of Robot Ravi, picture (c) Benning&Gladkova (2022) for Sonnevanck Theatre
Trailer movie (c) Sonnevank 2022
Ravi at Spunck podium (c) RTV Oost, 2022
Trailer (early 2022)

Links / press:
– De Theaterkrant
De Ingenieur

ravi the robot