Animatroniek – an animated lobster by exoot (2020)

In a number of creative theatrical vehicles and animatrons by exoot (Tristan Kruithof) I have been responsible for the control, electronics and software. His vehicles are usually based on converted electric golf-carts or wheelchairs. Part of the control consists of bridging the original controls (faking a throttle pedal signal) or building the motor control from scratch. For the remote control usually a ‘smart’ controller is designed using Wii-nunchucks or other small handheld controllers, triggering synchronized sequences of motion and audio. I have been involved in developing and realisation of the control for the Scubabianchi, the AMI6 and more recently Animatroniek.

Animatroniek (2020)
AMI 6 – the car that falls in love with you (2016)
Scubabianchi, a guy submersed in a converted autobianchi with sharks, bubbles, water and real life goldfish (2014)