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‘Kunst- en Techniekwerk’ (making art work) is specialized in advise, technology and music for media- and performance art. Activities range from composing music to realisation of high-tech electronics for for example a talking painting or a large scale drawing robot. Examples can be found in the portfolio section. Edwin Dertien is the backbone of the company, aided by a large network of other artists, performers and technicians.

‘Kunst- en Techniekwerk’ has a sound knowledge base and expertise in design and engineering. A well balanced network of colleagues and suppliers make solutions possible for a broad range of design challenges. Skills in house range from music, composition, webdesign, microcontroller oriented electronics, PCB design, software design and mechanical skills such as CAD/CAM.

Design philosophy
Re-invention of the wheel must be avoided at all times. Therefore in most cases a modular approach is used, making (re)use of components and results of previous projects possible. This results in huge savings in development time and costs.

Tailored – making art work
Please contact us in order to find out what ‘Kunst- en Techniekwerk’ can do for you. In recent years ‘Kunst- en Techniekwerk’ has acquired skills and expertise to think outside existing boundaries.

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