Goal of this project is to realise a retirement home for all those 1998-style furbies who have been abandoned or replaced by newer, fancier models. The reFURBYshment aims at:

  • reviving those abandoned furbies and give them a home, a nice place where they can enjoy their retirement
  • In order to re-socialise them, a minimal-invasive tether or umbilical will be added to each furby for power (intravenous) and communication (Spinal Tap. See Matrix or ExistenZ – you Have to Have a communication port installed, see the wiki)
  • furbies that have severe brain damage can opt for a brain transplant (currently done with Intel Galileo boards, including a brand new and fresh voice using MP3 quality sound playback) and internet connectivity (become part of FurbyNET)
  • furbies with severe (or partial) mechanical damage can donate their parts for organ transplant

picture by Ani Kehayova


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